Activism and Volunteering

  • A Call for the Wild


    Meet our partner organization Education for Nature Vietnam and learn how they have successfully taken part in the arrest of several wildlife criminals by running a hotline allowing people to report wildlife crime.

  • A Dog Named Gucci


    He was hung by his neck, punched repeatedly, doused with lighter fluid, and set afire. That should have been the last thing a ten-week old puppy named Gucci would ever experience. His last contact with humans. His final moments of life.

    But Doug James, standing on his porch nearby, heard the...

  • Buy No Rhino: Biking for Rhino Conservation


    Follow sisters Vicky and Ness Wiesenmaier as they cycle across Asia spreading awareness about the rhino poaching crisis in their home country of South Africa.

  • Chronicles of a Wildlifer


    A story first time from the perspective of a wildlife biologist. As he studies and experiences the wildlife up close during the field works. The story gives a unique glimpse in the working of a field biologist. There were many occasions in which the wild animals were encountered very close whil...

  • Fin Free

    Fin Free


    Serving shark fin soup is still legal in Thailand, but consumption of the soup is damaging the ocean´s ecosystem and promoting cruel shark finning practices. In this episode, see what Freeland and our partners are doing to put an end to this harmful business.

  • Fix and Release


    'Fix and Release' explores the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, a small turtle trauma centre in Peterborough Ontario Canada as it fights to even the odds for survival that freshwater turtles face in a modern world. Most turtle species in Canada are endangered due to loss of habitat and colli...

  • Gods in Shackles


    Gods in Shackles is a feature-length documentary film, an exposé revealing the dark side of the southern Indian state of Kerala’s glamorous cultural festivals that exploit temple elephants for profit under the guise of culture and religion.

    By exposing the abhorrent torture suffered by India...

  • H.O.P.E. Was Here


    Affluent, Boston-based college students embark on a weeklong goodwill trip to the slums of Lima, Peru in this story about the phenomenon of volunteer vacations—also known as “voluntourism” or service trips—which have fast become both a hallmark of global citizenry and a point of controversy for...

  • Jill Robinson: To the Moon and Back


    Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back - the story of an extraordinary British woman who has worked tirelessly to end the inhumane act of bear bile farming in Asia.

    Year: 2017
    Runtime: 54m
    Language: English
    Country: United Kingdom
    Rating: Not Rated

    Director: Andrew Telling

  • Saving Sirga
    1 season

    Saving Sirga

    1 season

    He rescued the dying lion cub from a rogue lion enclosure, but can he save Sirga from a lifetime in captivity?

    Filmed with unrivaled intimacy this unforgettable and authentic story, and set against the backdrop of the magnificent Kalahari Desert of Botswana and a brutal conflict between far...

  • The Fire Within


    THE FIRE WITHIN is a compelling feature-length documentary film chronicling a year in the life of long-term AIDS survivor Bob Bowers. Bob was infected in 1983 at the age of 20 due to a one-time decision to share a needle. He met Shawn in 1990 and in spite of his disease they married six months ...

  • Volunteers Unleashed


    Leading this story is 22-year-old Pippa Biddle, who after a series of voluntourism experiences over six years posted a critical blog. It went viral with over 15 million hits, and instantly launched her as the poster child against privileged young white women volunteering overseas. In Tanzania w...

  • We are the Ones


    When tribal feuds ignite a firestorm of violence, three surgeons unite for peace. Francis grew up with little schooling during the Sudanese Civil War. Ajak is a Lost Boy who has returned to the tribe he fled as a child. Both men are proteges of Glenn, a grizzled, but brilliant American surgeon....

  • Who Bombed Judi Bari?


    Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were falsely arrested for car-bombing themselves on May 24, 1990 while on an Earth First! musical organizing tour for Redwood Summer. They sued the FBI for violations of the First Amendment, claiming the FBI knew they were innocent but arrested them to try to silenc...

  • Why Just One?


    "Why Just One?” is a gripping documentary that explores the plight of endangered sea turtles, with particular focus on efforts by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to protect threatened species of sea turtles in Costa Rica.

    Year: 2016
    Runtime: 55m
    Language: English
    Country: USA