• Kaziranga



    KAZIRANGA explores the battle between poachers and conservationists in Kaziranga Park, the last stronghold for the endangered Indian rhino. We see this world through the eyes of Uttam Saikia, a local journalist who is trying to use his community influence to reform poachers.

    Year: 2016

  • The Thin Green Line


  • A Call for the Wild


    Meet our partner organization Education for Nature Vietnam and learn how they have successfully taken part in the arrest of several wildlife criminals by running a hotline allowing people to report wildlife crime.

  • Angel Azul


    'Angel Azul' explores the artistic journey of Jason deCaires Taylor, an innovative artist who combines creativity with an important environmental solution; the creation of artificial coral reefs from statues he's cast from live models. When algae overtakes the reefs however, experts provide the...

  • Baobabs between Land and Sea


    By their sheer size and original shapes, baobabs are among the most remarkable trees on the planet. Relatively unknown in Madagascar, these giants are currently threatened by deforestation. To study them, in the heart of their forests, Cyrille Cornu and Wilfried Ramahafaly travel by pirogue, ex...

  • Bile Bears of Hanoi


    Follow Freeland’s Deputy Director Sulma Warne to Hanoi as he uncovers the tragic current situation for bears kept in captivity for the bear bile business.

  • Blood Island


    Deep in the heart of Liberia’s jungles, hundreds of chimpanzees were taken from the wild. Captured, bred, and infected with hepatitis, our closest animal relatives were to unlock the mysteries of human diseases.

    But what started in the 1970s as an ambitious medical experiment took deeper an...

  • Blood Lions


    A documentary feature film which follows Ian Michler, a South African environmental journalist and safari operator, and Rick Swazey, an American hunter, on their journey to the heart of darkness that lies within the predator breeding and canned lion hunting industries. It is a story that blows ...

  • Buy No Rhino: Biking for Rhino Conservation


    Follow sisters Vicky and Ness Wiesenmaier as they cycle across Asia spreading awareness about the rhino poaching crisis in their home country of South Africa.

  • Chronicles of a Wildlifer


    A story first time from the perspective of a wildlife biologist. As he studies and experiences the wildlife up close during the field works. The story gives a unique glimpse in the working of a field biologist. There were many occasions in which the wild animals were encountered very close whil...

  • Coastal Dune Lakes


    Water, sand, and life: the three elements that make up dune lakes, water bodies found around the world. Journey with Emmy award-winning film-maker Elam Stoltzfus on an odyssey spanning from the United States to Australia as he reveals why the coastal dune lakes of northwest Florida are unique ...

  • Crushing Illegal Ivory


    Follow Freeland´s Media Producer and National Geographic Young Explorer, Molly Ferrill, through the first ivory crush to take place in Thai history, and learn about the purpose of these crushes as the trend spreads around the world.

  • Elephants in the Coffee


    People are dying and elephants are losing their freedom to bring you a cup of coffee. This documentary provides a comprehensive look at the battle for survival between coffee farmers and endangered elephants in the forests of southern India. More than 300 people in India are killed by elephants...

  • Escape to Nature

    1 season

  • Escaping Extinction - Whale Sharks of the Maldives


    For over 60 million years, the mysterious Whale Shark has traversed the open sea, but very little is known about this enormous docile shark. Maldivian communities are proud to celebrate the Whale Sharks and their marine biodiversity. These days, Whale Sharks in the Maldives are safe from their ...

  • Evolution in Isolation


    In the Farthest Mediterranean Islet away from continent where most flightless species died many years ago, we disclose an untold story. One species of lizard did survive and became an unique species in the world. Shrewd, intelligent, explorer and extremely curious, essential qualities for survi...

  • Fin Free

    Fin Free


    Serving shark fin soup is still legal in Thailand, but consumption of the soup is damaging the ocean´s ecosystem and promoting cruel shark finning practices. In this episode, see what Freeland and our partners are doing to put an end to this harmful business.

  • Fix and Release


    'Fix and Release' explores the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, a small turtle trauma centre in Peterborough Ontario Canada as it fights to even the odds for survival that freshwater turtles face in a modern world. Most turtle species in Canada are endangered due to loss of habitat and colli...

  • Fragile Legacy


    Science, art, history and conservation converge into a stunning visual, globe spanning odyssey. This film offers hope that human ingenuity and creativity can and will bring us out of the environmental crisis we face.

    Year: 2015
    Runtime: 31m
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Rating: Not Rate...

  • From Billions to None


    From Billions to None: The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction, reveals the compelling story of the unlikely extinction of the passenger pigeon and explores the pigeon’s striking relevance to conservation issues today, such as the alarming depletion of shark species worldwide. For centuries...

  • His Name Is Midnight


    The true story of a horse, a prince of Big Sky Country, who was bred for strength and rodeo glory but discarded through a chain of events to auction and, ultimately, human cruelty. His name and his lineage were forgotten. But his royal pedigree and his upbringing in the Badlands of Montana inst...

  • Houseboat Amazon

    0 videos

    Katie Pyne, Director
    Andy Fink, Editor
    Music used with permission by Dexter Britain, “Shooting Star”

    Videos by Juan Pablo Bueno, Laura K. Marsh, Alejandra Duarte and Christina Selby

  • Jens Jensen The Living Green


    ‘Jens Jensen The Living Green’ follows the career of Danish-born JENS JENSEN (1860 – 1951) from street sweeper, to ‘dean of landscape architecture’, to pioneering conservationist. Jensen battles corruption and unbridled industrial expansion to make the modern city livable by bringing ‘the livin...

  • Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge


    Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge reveals a largely forgotten world - one some speed past every day. Much of the wildlife on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island have to share their home with speeding steel projectiles – it is a dangerous, and challenging environment.

    A film told by a local Is...