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  • Karl Ammann's Connections

    6 videos

  • Peru: Extreme Planet

    1 season

    One of the world’s top wildlife photographers, Cyril Ruoso, is partnered up with a scientific journalist for an adventurous journey through three of the most extreme ecosystems on our planet: the impenetrable rainforest of the Amazon, the skyscraping glaciers of the Andes, and the desert plains...

  • Saving Sirga
    1 season

    Saving Sirga

    1 season

    He rescued the dying lion cub from a rogue lion enclosure, but can he save Sirga from a lifetime in captivity?

    Filmed with unrivaled intimacy this unforgettable and authentic story, and set against the backdrop of the magnificent Kalahari Desert of Botswana and a brutal conflict between far...

  • Solar Energy - Myth or Reality

    1 season

    First developed in the 1950s by NASA for space exploration, solar energy was never really considered as a reliable source of energy for widespread use because of its high cost and limited output. But today, thanks to major cost reductions, advance in technology, and rise in oil prices, solar po...