Current Affairs

  • A Dog Named Gucci


    He was hung by his neck, punched repeatedly, doused with lighter fluid, and set afire. That should have been the last thing a ten-week old puppy named Gucci would ever experience. His last contact with humans. His final moments of life.

    But Doug James, standing on his porch nearby, heard the...

  • A People without a Land


    For decades, the prevailing wisdom has been that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would come in the form of a two-state solution. Typically, this is formulated as an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and the establishment of a Palestinian state there and in the Gaza Strip. U...

  • Atalaku



    The 2011 presidential election is only the second free election since the Democratic Republic of the Congo gained independence in 1960. Gaylor, a penniless (like most of Kinshasa’s nine million inhabitants) pastor turns into an atalaku, which means a “crier” in Lingala. He makes a deal with the...

  • Celebrating Life in Union


    Celebrating Life in Union is a story of human resilience, community, and brotherhood. It follows a group of former Cuban political prisoners through their memory of imprisonment and their half century fight against the aging Castro regime. Having developed a strong community for themselves that...

  • Gods in Shackles


    Gods in Shackles is a feature-length documentary film, an exposé revealing the dark side of the southern Indian state of Kerala’s glamorous cultural festivals that exploit temple elephants for profit under the guise of culture and religion.

    By exposing the abhorrent torture suffered by India...

  • Generation Jobless


    In Canada, while the economic recovery has eased for many, the youth unemployment rate is nearly 15% - double that of the general population. The new CBC documentary Generation Jobless explores the crisis of over-educated youths being underemployed scraping by in low-paid, part-time jobs that d...

  • Le Jardin D'Ewald (Ewald's Garden)


    The attempt of Senegalese people, to outwit one of the greatest mass murderers of our time. Silently, insidiously and always with full force: the overpowering villain, which the Senegalese have to oppose year after year carries the name 'drought'.

    Drought and the disappearance of water, plan...

  • Libby, Montana


    Nestled below the rugged peaks of the Northern Rockies and along the crystal-clear Kootenai River lies the small logging town of Libby, Montana - an ironic setting for a town where many hundreds of people are sick or have already died from asbestos exposure.

  • Lost Freetown


    Lost Freetown is a 30-minute documentary film highlighting the environmental challenges facing the Freetown Peninsula.

    The film shows how urban migration and displacement caused by the decade long civil war have resulted in a doubling of the population of Freetown, stretching the city resour...

  • Mauritania


    Mauritania has become one of Africa's latest oil producers thanks to the discovery of the Chinguetti oil field, 50 miles off the coast of Nouakchott. This new resource shakes up a country with a weak civil society, unstable democratic institutions, a lack of skilled personnel and rampant corrup...

  • The Dust on our Feet


    Just outside the city limits of Tegucigalpa, Honduras sits the city’s only trash dump, “El Crematorio.” The dump is filled with kids, some younger than ten who, along with their families, collect trash for a living. Born into one of the most viscous cycles of poverty imaginable, many of these k...

  • The Fire Within


    THE FIRE WITHIN is a compelling feature-length documentary film chronicling a year in the life of long-term AIDS survivor Bob Bowers. Bob was infected in 1983 at the age of 20 due to a one-time decision to share a needle. He met Shawn in 1990 and in spite of his disease they married six months ...

  • The Refugees of Shangri La


    After twenty years surviving refugee camps in Nepal, the Kingdom of Bhutan’s forgotten exiles abandon hopes of returning to their lost land and seek a new life in a place called America.

    Year: 2014
    Runtime: 55m
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Rating: Not Rated

    Director: Doria Bramante ...

  • The Square


    'The Square' is an intimate observational documentary that tells the real story of the ongoing struggle of the Egyptian Revolution through the eyes of six very different protesters. Starting in the tents of Tahrir in the days leading up to the fall of Mubarak, we follow our characters on a life...

  • Warriors from the North


    WARRIORS FROM THE NORTH is the harrowing, often heartbreaking, story of young Somali-Scandinavian men, who leave their comfortable everyday life in Scandinavia to become fighters – even suicide bombers, in Somalia – one of the most dangerous and impoverished places in the world.

    Year: 2015

  • We are the Ones


    When tribal feuds ignite a firestorm of violence, three surgeons unite for peace. Francis grew up with little schooling during the Sudanese Civil War. Ajak is a Lost Boy who has returned to the tribe he fled as a child. Both men are proteges of Glenn, a grizzled, but brilliant American surgeon....