Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge

Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge

Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge reveals a largely forgotten world - one some speed past every day. Much of the wildlife on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island have to share their home with speeding steel projectiles – it is a dangerous, and challenging environment.

A film told by a local Island woman, we learn what she has discovered about the Island’s wildlife and their life on the roads:

The threatened Rosenburg’s Goanna, will go to extraordinary measures to try and secure the next generation. Mostly living a solitary life, for a small window each year, they pair up together for the courtship period. But it isn’t an exclusive relationship – the males grow restless, and they disappear looking for chance encounters. With summer traffic this is a dangerous game, but big risks can mean big rewards.
The Kangaroo Island Kangaroo also faces day-to-day battles in their attempt to live exiled in the roadside bush. On one side they compete with livestock and face the dangers of landowners, and on the other side they face vehicles at high speed.
The dangers of vehicles aren’t just reserved for the roads. On Kangaroo Island, our mechanical predators also frequent the beach. Driving on the beach threatens the very existence of the hooded plover – a shy, tiny, and caring bird. With only 2000 left in the world, and only 200 on the Island, they will do everything and anything to protect their eggs.

Year: 2016
Runtime: 25m
Language: English
Country: Australia
Rating: Not Rated

Director: Samuel Chen

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Kangaroo Island: Life on the Edge