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Bangui Connection

Karl Ammann's Connections – 26m

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  • Kinshasa Connection

    When American zoos claimed that the new 34 primates from the Congo had been rescued from the bushmeat and pet trade, Karl Ammann looked into it. Karl shows conclusive evidence that while zoos often claim to be a Noah's Ark, these imports from the wild to stock zoos that our children visit actuall...

  • Cairo Connection

    A seizure of 5 chimpanzees coming from Egypt in Nairobi airport unexpectedly launches Karl into a decade long investigation of a widespread ape slave trade network. The Nairobi seizure leads Karl, beginning in Nigeria, to follow a trail of hundreds of chimpanzees and gorillas that have been smugg...

  • Medan Connection

    Fashion trends, by their very nature, come and go. Reptile skins are in fashion. Where they come from and how they are produced is still largely a mystery. Even some of the main fashion houses like Gucci or LVMH do not have adequate control over their supply chain. The end result is the producing...