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Watch this video and more on ECOSTREAMZ

Cairo Connection

Karl Ammann's Connections – 27m

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    Fashion trends, by their very nature, come and go. Reptile skins are in fashion. Where they come from and how they are produced is still largely a mystery. Even some of the main fashion houses like Gucci or LVMH do not have adequate control over their supply chain. The end result is the producing...

  • Mong La Connection

    In Myanmar, a country where human rights are routinely violated, Karl must fight even harder for the rights of animals. In an area run by a former drug lord he finds the illegal consumption and trade of wildlife and wildlife products in Mong La, on the Myanmar side of the border, a seething hotbe...

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    The world is waking up to the high levels of rhino poaching taking place across Africa and South East Asia. The HANOI CONNECTION reports on the trade in rhino horn, from poaching on the plains of Africa to investigating the size of the market for rhino horn in South East Asia with surprising resu...