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Kinshasa Connection

Karl Ammann's Connections – 36m

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  • Cairo Connection

    A seizure of 5 chimpanzees coming from Egypt in Nairobi airport unexpectedly launches Karl into a decade long investigation of a widespread ape slave trade network. The Nairobi seizure leads Karl, beginning in Nigeria, to follow a trail of hundreds of chimpanzees and gorillas that have been smugg...

  • Medan Connection

    Fashion trends, by their very nature, come and go. Reptile skins are in fashion. Where they come from and how they are produced is still largely a mystery. Even some of the main fashion houses like Gucci or LVMH do not have adequate control over their supply chain. The end result is the producing...

  • Mong La Connection

    In Myanmar, a country where human rights are routinely violated, Karl must fight even harder for the rights of animals. In an area run by a former drug lord he finds the illegal consumption and trade of wildlife and wildlife products in Mong La, on the Myanmar side of the border, a seething hotbe...