Khaag (Rhino Horn)

Khaag (Rhino Horn)

Director: Manoj Pandit
Producer: Chitra Bahadur
Production Company: Chitra Bahadur Kunwar Memorial Save the Rhino Foundation Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Synopsis: In the critical period of 35 rhinos being killed by poachers in a year, a government officer named Kamal-Jung Kunwar is given the responsibility of anti-poaching unit. This is the story of the character’s painful struggle against the poachers, traders and politicians who are against of the valuable life of endangered species One horned rhinoceros.

In this journey he not only controlled the larger amount of poaching but himself falls in the conspiracy and being jailed by the corrupted system. The officer, who himself has sent so many criminals to jail for the wildlife crime, himself is jailed and has to stay with those criminals. It is then his psychological conflict and struggle to rise from this disaster to achieve his goal of zero poaching.

His responsibility as government officer of saving rhinos becomes his personal obsession and this put all his personal lives and values at stake. This story is the account of his internal and external struggle.
Based on the book "Four Years for the Rhino” the film KHAAG narrates the valuable struggle behind one of the biggest achievement in the history of world wildlife conservation.

Year: 2018
Runtime: :85m
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali with English Subtitles
Rating: Not Rated

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Khaag (Rhino Horn)