Le Jardin D'Ewald (Ewald's Garden)

Le Jardin D'Ewald (Ewald's Garden)

The attempt of Senegalese people, to outwit one of the greatest mass murderers of our time. Silently, insidiously and always with full force: the overpowering villain, which the Senegalese have to oppose year after year carries the name 'drought'.

Drought and the disappearance of water, plants and animals in the rural areas of Senegal can’t be prevented, calculated or stopped. Or could there be a way? A farmer, an artist, a gardener and a young boy from Senegal have one thing in common: mastering everyday life with the lack of water in one of the driest regions on earth. The race for the best protection strategy in times of the climate change and disappearance has already begun. A balancing act between tradition and innovation, the country life and the promise of the city.

Year: 2016
Runtime: 59m
Language: German w/English subtitles
Country: Germany
Rating: Not Rated

Director: Alexandra Pille

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Le Jardin D'Ewald (Ewald's Garden)