Shorts (under 50 minutes)

  • The Macaw Project


    ​The Macaw Project - Biologists, Ecotourists and Local Communities for the Amazonian Rainforest, is a 26-minute documentary of macaw conservation research filmed in the Peruvian tropical rainforest. The documentary was made with the aim to direct public attention towards the problems that macaw...

  • The Singing Ape, Gibbon


    This film documents an unprecedented attempt to investigate the musicality of multiple species of wild gibbons – siamang, the white-handed gibbon and the javan gibbon - surviving in the South-East Asians habitats.

    Year: 2017
    Runtime: 45m 50s
    Language: English
    Country: Korea
    Rating: Not R...

  • The Evolution of Madagascar


    Madagascar. The world's oldest island. To a young and enthusiastic ecologist, this is a land of wonders, where life exists like nowhere else on the planet. But when his search for the world's largest lemur, the Indri Indri, leads him to discover just how close to extinction the species is, he s...

  • The Wild Reborn


    The road to recovery for the Mexican gray wolf starts in a sanctuary in New York where scientists are hoping the next generation hears the call of the wild.

  • The Forgotten Salmon


    A documentary about the Atlantic salmon of Lake Ontario, how we lost them, and the efforts to restore them to the great inland sea.

  • Unseen Dances


    6 dancers are filmed dancing in red sand to illuminate human trafficking in America.

    Year: 2016
    Runtime: 12m
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Rating: Not Rated

    Director(s): Jason Gurvitz & Jordan Marinov

  • Without Borders


    “Without Borders” is a 30 minute documentary film exploring the environmental context of the Upper Guinea Forest Ecosystem of West Africa. Filmmaker Nazia Parvez reveals how mining, bushmeat trade, urban migration, slash & burn agriculture, displacement due to conflict and an unprecedented dema...