The Sea Turtles of Lamu

The Sea Turtles of Lamu

In 1992, the sea turtles of Lamu were beyond endangered…they were approaching extinction. Poaching in Africa isn’t just elephant tusks and rhino horns, it also includes sea turtles.

This is the story of Odo, a former poacher, who is now singlehandedly saving sea turtles on the remote Manda Island off the coast of Kenya in the Lamu archipelago.

He and his brother are helping the turtles overcome the odds of 1 in a 1000 to survive. Besides poachers, sharks, birds, ghost crabs, and even plastic bags they eat as jellyfish, the newest threat is the biggest and may be insurmountable…the new sea port in Lamu.

An oil pipeline through Kenya will make Lamu the biggest port in Africa. The turtles may have met their match.

Year: 2014
Runtime: 64m
Language: English
Country: Kenya
Rating: Not Rated

Director: D. David Morin

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The Sea Turtles of Lamu